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Vsebine na spletni strani ne posodabljamo, zato so lahko informacije netočne. Za zadnje informacije glede pandemije in ukrepov spremljajte

The maker community around the world joined forces and introduced various 3D face shield designs. We are sharing some of the most promising examples (Slovenian and international), but before you start printing, please read the notice below.

The face shield is not a medical device and is not a personal protective gear. Therefore, it does not provide full protection against the infection with COVID-19 or any other disease. The protective face shield is not certified and is intended only for personal unprofessional use. The manufacturer of the face shield is therefore not responsible for possible flaws and any issues arising from the use of the face shield. When using the face shield, you have to follow the provided instructions.

Protective face shield SI-101

A face shield Vizir SI-101 made of plastic was developed by Zavod 404, with the purpose of additional protection of…

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