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Vsebine na spletni strani ne posodabljamo, zato so lahko informacije netočne. Za zadnje informacije glede pandemije in ukrepov spremljajte

Gladius Heroes

Un upgraded 3D mask Gladius Heroes is a fruit of cooperation between mask’s author David Kvaternik, makers and professionals.

The mask is reusable and made out of a medically safe PLA material, moreover, it is compatible with breathing filters, used in hospitals for respirators. Filter model certifiably provides >99,99% efficiency, while the Zaščitimo Slovenijo community actively prints first masks to be tested in a realistic environment and could therefore hopefully be used by medical staff all over the world in those critical moments.

The protective mask is not a medical device and is not a personal protective gear. Therefore, it does not provide full protection against the infection with COVID-19 or any other disease. The protective mask is not certified and is intended only for personal unprofessional use. Manufacturer of the mask is therefore not responsible for possible flaws and any issues arising from use of the mask. When using the mask, you have to follow the provided instructions.

What do you need?

  • 3D model of the mask
  • 3D printer (the model is not important)
  • PLA filament, which should be suitable for the food industry or medical use
  • breathing filter

* A breathing filter is already used in every hospital that has a respirator. The model of the filter, on which the testing mask is based, has a >99,99% certified efficiency.

Printing recommendations

  1. You can get the last version of a model of the 3D mask here:
  2. The only suitable material for printing test masks is PLA, used in the food industry or suitable for medical use. PLA also enables adapting the mask to the face of the final user.
  3. The generation of support material during the print is not necessary.
  4. 4. It is very important to keep the original vertical rotation of the mask, as this is the only way to guarantee the best seal at the filter attachment point.
  5. When you start printing the mask, please sign in on, so we can keep track of how many masks are being produced and can, therefore, be distributed for testing.
  6. You can send or bring printed mask(s) to Tehnološki park Ljubljana (building B), Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana (from 8 am to 4 pm), from where they will be distributed to test users on the first line of defense, which will provide us with feedback about the usage of the 3D mask Gladius Heroes.
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