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Vsebine na spletni strani ne posodabljamo, zato so lahko informacije netočne. Za zadnje informacije glede pandemije in ukrepov spremljajte

We are a team of volunteers from different industries that would like to raise public awareness about the precautions in the time of the coronavirus pandemic, following the instructions of official institutions (WHO and others). Furthermore, we would like to provide basic protective equipment for people that need it in the shortest period of time. We will succeed together, as there are more and more of us, joining forces together!

  • The initiative offers a free open source format for creating a 3D Gladius Friends mask for personal use.
  • It connects individuals through a project A mask for a friend, thus providing a platform to unite those who can help with the 3D printing of the Gladius Friends mask and individuals who need a mask for their own protection and the protection of their loved ones.
  • The community is actively printing the first 3D Gladius Heroes test masks, which we hope & wish could soon help healthcare staff across the globe in those crisis moments.

Furthermore, we would like to create an umbrella platform for all the great ideas that individuals and businesses present as potential alternatives for protection against coronavirus infection and moreover, the provision of Open-source resources/instructions for own production of certain equipment (mask, visor, disinfectant).

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