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Vsebine na spletni strani ne posodabljamo, zato so lahko informacije netočne. Za zadnje informacije glede pandemije in ukrepov spremljajte

za skupnost

Face shields

for the community and the professionals


for the professionals

We will make it together!

Each of us is important for the reduction of the spread of Covid-19, as everyone has a particular power, knowledge or skills. Therefore, we can all already today do our best to defeat the virus. That’s why also you are an essential part of the community, even if you don’t have a 3D printer.

Do you believe we will make it together? Join us.

The coordination team is currently looking for (but not exclusively) the following volunteers:

  • Facebook and webpage manager (preparation and publication of the news),
  • a doctor or other healthcare professionals with adequate knowledge of respiratory diseases,
  • someone with a graphic design & video editing skills
  • someone who will connect us to the institutions and follow their needs for the protective equipment
  • someone who can help with the administration
  • someone who has experience in certification, standardization and testing,
  • someone to help with marketing and PR,
  • carriers,
  • donors (filters, 3D printing, filaments, transportation, disinfection, other).

But, we may not even know yet that we need you … and are quite sure that we do. So, if you have any extra time and the will to help, let us know and welcome to the team.

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